Crystal Lotus Hotel Of Yogyakarta For Your Vacation
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Crystal Lotus Hotel Of Yogyakarta For Your Vacation

Crystal Lotus Hotel Of Yogyakarta For Your Vacation – Yogyakarta may be the best destination for your vacation. This province located in the Java Island is one of most popular place to visit for tourist. Jogja is also home for a range of top universities in Indonesia. When you plan to visit Jogja, it is a good time to prepare all of the things in the right way so that you can enjoy your existance in Jogja. Yogyakarta is unique as it is one of few areas in Indonesia with kingdom system. So, no ellection is held in this province of indonesia. Sultan is the leader of Yogyakarta and his boy will be the successor.

Anytime you visit Jogja, be sure to find a hotel that enables you to be comfortable. So many hotels are available in this city and you do need to be sure to take one that fits the most. Crystal Lotus hotel is one of some accomodations you can get when visiting Jogja. It is located at Jl Magelang Sleman. Coming to this hotel, you will come across some affordable rooms just under 1.000.000 IDR. Rating of this hotel for cleanliness is 8,2 which is good enough. For the facilities, Crystal Lotus has 8,2 rating. Airport transfer is what this hotel gives to you. This way, you don’t need to worry about being late as the airports transfer will arrange your transportation to the airport of DIY internasional.

In all rooms, there will be free wi-fi. So, it is something real for you to get connectec to anyone that matters by using internet accesss of the hotel. Sauna is also available. After you spend some hours exploring Yogyakarta, you can use sauna for relaxation. BBQ facilites will be another special thing Crystal hotel offers to anyone who like to stay at this hotel. You can enjoy your nights with your friends with the BBQ facilities. What about valler parking ? Crystal Lotus hotel allows you to get special vallet parking. Officer of the hotel will help you park your vehicle by vallet system.

Some kinds of room are provided by Crystal Lotus. One of them is premium suite with 2 queej beds. You will also enjoy montain view staying at this room. Executive suite is another option of room you can stay at during your visit in Jogja. It is a room of Crystal Lotus providing you with 1 queen bed. This room is suitable for your and your partner. Deluxe room is what this Hotel has to anyone looking for good accomodating when visiting Jogja. 2 single beds and 1 queen bed are what you can enjoy when choosing the room. Superior twin room is also a room offered by Crystal Lotus. 2 single beds and good mountain view will be what this room offer and you can enjoy your vacation in Jogja at its best.

Something you need to take note when choosing this hotel is the distance to Malioboro. It is long enough to get Maliboro as this place is the most popular among tourists. It takes you to walk 1 hour to get the tourist spot. But when you stay at Crystal Lotus, it is easy to get Borobudur. You just need to visit bust terminal of Jombor from which you can directly tak bus to Magelang. Just before you arrive at the bust terminal of Magelang, you need to turn down at Borobudur. It is about 20 minutes ride by bus from Borobodur to Magelang bus terminal.

Several other things exist at this hotel. CCTV is attached to some places, so be careful with what you do. Coffee shop also becomes one thing this hotel has to customers. Anytime you get bored in the room and you want to get some kinds of good drinks and foods, just come to the coffe shop. Wi-fi in public area is available in addition to every room of the hotel. So, no need to worry about internet access as wifi allows you to get wireless connection of the internet. Daily housekeeping of Crystal Lotus will make you feel comfortable. Anytime you want your room tidy, just call CS of the hotel for room service. Make sure you enjoy your stay at Lotus hotel.

There are so many people coming to Yogyakarta for some kinds of purpose. Some like to visit this area for study while other for vacation. Many attractive tourist destinations exist in Jogja. You can come to all of them when you have much time. And Crystal Lotus hotel is just one of many provided by this province. Being at this hotel will make you feel at home as there are so many amenities that fit you the most. What are you waiting for ? Jogja is a great destination for traveling and Crystal Lotus hotel can be your option of accomodation as this has something special.